This painting, Fontana di Trevi, is very special to me for many reasons.

It took me a very long time to paint... longer than any other
painting I have done... aproximately 500 hours. And to top it off, it's watercolor.
Any water-colorist, being familiar with the fickleness of water color paint,
who looks at the detail will have a sigh escape
from their lips upon hearing that.

• painstaking? . . . . Yes
• tears shed? . . . . .Yes

............• affection? . . . . . .actually, Yes

How could I not have affection after all those hours.

This painting was commissioned by good friends of mine for their precious
son. Both he and his sister are so dear to me. They both had been students of mine.
Before I left for Italy he told me that he wanted a painting of the Trevi Fountain.
I was determined not to disappoint him.

My husband and I were on the last leg of our trip, walking the streets of Rome.
Then it suddenly came to me - we were flying out the next morning and the sun was setting.
I had not yet photographed the Trevi Fountain !!!

Oh, the prayers I prayed as I dodged other travelers
and whipped around street corners, racing against the setting sun !!!

This May, I am delighted to be returning to Italy with a new group
of enthusiastic art students who will be attending my Painting Workshop. On this trip
I will have my own precious 5 year old son with me.

Seeing Italy through his eyes... I wonder how different it will look?