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Vie Dunn-Harr
Vie Dunn-Harr, Painter/Contemporary Realist

When Cara was 17, she became a student of Vie Dunn-Harr. In Cara's words, "I was blessed to find the woman whom I owe so much thanks to artistically and spiritually, Vie Dunn-Harr." Vie's works are organic forms rooted in architectural elements. The forms are sensuous and portray the force and fragility of nature. (more information)



Balance For Life SalonBalance for Life

When you are in San Antonio, Texas, be sure to see Cara Phillips' most
recent paintings on display at Balance for Life in Historic Alamo Heights.

Balance for Life
A Theraputic Massage Center and Spa
535 Busby, San Antonio, Texas 78209


Citta Della Pieve, Italy

This characteristic village was touched by the events of the medieval history, and indeed, a number of masters had the control of the town until when Clement VII placed it under the direct control of the Church. At the center of the village, still today encircled to a good extension by the walls of 1300, having such a medieval style that ..... (more information)



Florence, Italy

This Florence Italy site is written by florentines who love their city. This is not the usual guide to Florence, of course we provide the usual Florence tourist information but we mainly focus on the less known respects of Florence. Information about the true genuine life in Florence .... (more information)



Rome, Italy

Rome is without doubt one the most beautiful cities in the world; every year millions of tourists come from around the world to admire the treasures and masterpieces of Roman art and architecture. But a trip to the Eternal City can be eternally confusing for first-time visitors ... (more information)